Dan Miller (Owner)
“Ready, ready!”

Dan Miller (CF Level 1, NASM, CPT, CF Oly, Nutrition, Mobility, SealFit Level 1) is CEO of DFM Fitness, LLC and founder of CrossFit 2120 in Del Mar, California. He provides personal training and group CrossFit training for both sport-specific objectives and general physical preparedness. Dan’s high standards are reflected in a safe, supportive, and clean gym environment and in a passion for helping athletes realize their potential.

Dan was a competitive mogul skier back when neon was cool the first time. His drive to improve his performance, and to help others improve theirs, led to training and coaching. This journey brought him to CrossFit in 2005, when he became a certified coach. By 2007, Dan had become the head trainer at U.S. CrossFit in Encinitas, CA. In 2012, he opened CrossFit 2120, which grew to over 100 members in under a year. Dan also coaches SEALFIT Kokoro Camp, a 50-hour crucible training experience.

Dan’s approach to training mixes tough-love and humor and has proved successful for local military, first responders, moms & dads, teen athletes, grandparents, college students, Olympians, and professional athletes. He takes great pride in the community’s camaraderie and dedication and knows that anyone with the courage to start and the persistence to continue will find improved health and a new love of fitness.

Dan is originally from Michigan and is a die-hard Redwings fan. He lives with his wife Nikki (aka Squirrel), a physical therapist/biomechanics specialist and owner of Movement Performance San Diego, and their adorable daughter Scarlett (aka Munchie) in North County, San Diego. When not coaching, Dan can be found surfing, enjoying daddy-time with his daughters Scarlett and Andi, or manning the grill at a 2120 cookout.

Hillary Phan
“Relax. None of this will kill you.”

(Oly lifter, First Aid)

Hillary’s passion for fitness is great. She has a background in Oly lifting and has been a avid CrossFitter for over 2 years. She loved CrossFit so much she made the switch from Oly to CrossFit. She loves to teach technique during lifts and keeps every class motivated and fun. If you are looking for a good party class while keeping you accountable to movements come to Hillay’s class.

pAlanAlan Anderson
“Self-belief can accomplish anything.”

(CF Level 1, Football, Oly, Gymnastics, Coaches Prep, Mobility) Alan was overweight for “the first 18 years of my life.” Alan found CrossFit and went from 274 lbs to 183 lbs in a year. Since then, he has been a firm believer that with the right people and right attitude, anyone can accomplish anything. Alan continues to work everyday to stay in shape, and understands the hardship, changes and challenges that have to be made in order to achieve one’s goals and dreams.

Mike Samela
“What is your deepest fear?”

(CF Level 1), Mike moved across the country to California to pursue a career in CrossFit as a coach and competitor. Mike has played sports his whole life and loves competition. This led him to play Division I collegiate football and semi-professionally after college. Mike found CrossFit in 2014 after his college football team used CrossFit as their offseason training program. He saw the amazing benefits it produced and now he hopes to share his knowledge and experiences to as many people as possible!

Amy Green
“Don’t wish for it, work for it”

(CF Level 1, Gymnastics,Certified Personal Trainer)Amy is one of the few in California that was born and raise in San Diego, she is a avid adventurer who loves her Pitbull. She grew up as a gymnist so she will be your go to for all gymnastics movements. If shes not at the CrossFit box she is likely hiking or with her pup. She has been doing CrossFit for many years and believes that with fitness she can help change lives.