Great Fitness in North County San Diego

CrossFit 2120 is exclusively located in coastal Del Mar, California. We are a unique training and workout facility nestled in the heart of the town, just two blocks from the Pacific Ocean and the Del Mar Fairgrounds. We are literally located – as Del Mar’s town motto says – “where the surf meets the turf.”

We have a 2,400 square foot main facility and a 600 square foot private training annex. Our world-class training center has some of the best running routes in all of North County San Diego. Our gym uses barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, jump ropes, slam balls, medicine balls, squat racks, pull up racks, and lots of other equipment. We have great tools at our disposal to generate great movement and help our athletes reach their potential.

Join Us!

The best way to get started is to come on in! Check the schedule here to see when our intro classes are, or call to schedule a specific time. When you arrive, be prepared to exercise. After you fill out a quick waiver and application, we will run you through some movements and light exercises to assess your athletic ability so that our coaching staff can tailor workouts to your level.

Safety. Accountability. Fun.

That’s what CrossFit 2120 stands for. I started this gym to share a vision of training and to bring out the best in people. CrossFit can be intimidating for new people. So, we have an on-ramp program that teaches safety and functional movements. An injured athlete isn’t coming back for more. We believe in accountability. Accountability in movements guarantees safety. Accountability to programming guarantees results. At the end of each hour, a sense of team and accomplishment brings our members together. This camaraderie is the extra benefit from becoming a part of our family. Why else would you put yourself through this workout? Because it’s fun. After you’re done, you look better, you feel better, you ARE better. Come down to CrossFit 2120 and explore the possibilities. Coach Dan Miller