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WU: run 350 / rowing relay w/partner – 10 minutes Mobility: 5 minutes WOD: 20 minute AMRAP (each run will ct. as (1) rep. 3x rounds of – 4 pull ups/8 push ups/12 squats 200 m run


WU: yea C. AA WOD: Tabata this: Push ups- on feet for rest time. Squats (rx=hold bottom for rest 10sec) Hollow rocks – on feet for rest time.(when form gets rotten, go to star plank) The Saggy burpee! OFFRT! STRENGTH: Press 8×3 @85% :60 – change grip location every set.


  WU: Shoulder / Hip mobility WOD: 15-Minute Amrap. Go + 1 rep on 5/10/15 and burpee each round. 5/10/15 pull ups, push ups, squats Run 50 m 1 burpee at blue wall STRENGTH: Push Press 8X2@80%