1142: Saturday Wrap-Up.

Saturday wrap up: BW or open gym time.

BW: 30 minutes at conversational pace.
10 broncos
10 side climbers
10 pistols or walking lunges
5 wide position push ups
10 ring rows
10 therapy squats
5 8ct body builders
Row or Run 300m

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Barbell work: squat snatch from high thigh


0637: Progenex 2120 Team Sale!

Progenex Sales Representative Anthony Modonia will be in the gym for all class times to provide information about their product lineup. We have Recovery/More Muscle and Cocoon available for sale. If you just want to workout and do not care to participate in the presentation? I (CDM) will prescribe specific WU to those of you that just want to get busy. See you all Monday. CDM
WU: Hip, shoulder mobility
• 50 abmat sit ups
• 10-1 pull ups
• 15-5 push ups
• 20-10 squats
• 50 abmat sit ups
STRENGTH: Some or all reps weighted. Go to gym for details.


WU: If you see on the blog there are pull ups? If you use a band? Set up your pull up station before class starts. Stage wt. for wod part #3.
5 minutes
• 5 pull ups
• 5 push ups
• 5 squats
rest 1 minute
5 minutes
• 5 TTB
• 15 bb thrusters
rest 1 minute
5 minutes
• 5 Power cleans 95/65
GA: Keep it light with full benefit of total reps. Exception-pull ups 2-4 or 5.


Hooya to Danielle, Kokoro 32 Graduate! Danielle came in very prepared for the 50 hour experience. She had shown exceptional resolve with the ability to lead and most important be a good teammate. You represented yourself and all of us that train with you at 2120 to the highest standard. I am very proud of you Danielle for you will always be our first Kokoro graduate at CrossFit 2120. CDM
WU: Set Up!
WOD: 20 minutes FQ
• 3 kb clean – PP (3R-3L)
• 6 KB Swing
• 10 push ups
• 12 squats
• 200 m run
STRENGTH: DL 2X5 50% 2X5 60% 2X5 65%


WU: 5 minutes and go!

WOD: Quality ROM. Wear  a 20lb vest if you own one. Wear a vest no plate.   (clock only used for time cap)

  • Run 1000m
  • 20 m inch worm
  • 100 leg levers
  • 50 strict push ups
  • 150 squats 25/15 plate
  • 40m lunge 25/15 plate
  • 25 minute cap(if you get done under 25 minutes here proceed to 1000 m run, if you are still working you must halt activity and run 400 m to finish.
  • 1000 m run

STRENGTH: b. press 2×8@50% 2X8@60% 2X8@70%