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Met-Con: 20 minutes – score = total meters on rower.

  • 100 over the rower burpee (face the rower however you wish, jump over tail only)
  • Row for max meters



  • Box Squat 6X3  @ 90%
  • Push Jerk f/rack 5X2
  • Split jerk 8X1 @ 80% Push jerk
  • 4X8 Chins

Athletes will choose either Met-Con or Strength not both.

GA: met-con 50 OTRB

0810: CDM coaching all AM class times Monday.

WU: 5 minutes

Exercise assessment: Aim – Must demonstrate adequate postural positioning under load. He or she will determine load to meet the eyeball test of proper form and function.

Exercises include

  • DL
  • HPC
  • FS
  • THS
  • PP or PJ
  • BS

Remember only one barbell load can be determined for use of all listed movements. Example: JJ has good form with 95lb push press but shows limited ROM and looses Midline Stability with the thruster. JJ must adjust the load to accommodate proper form for the thruster.

WOD: We will have some fun with the list above.

Mobility: 50 OHS set

I look forward to seeing the AM crew Monday morning. It has been an exciting 6 weeks bringing little Andi into her new world. Thank you to the coaching staff and the membership for all your support for myself and Nikki. CDM


WOD: 8 min Amrap
• 8 ring rows
• 3 HSPU
• 6 strict TTB
Rest 4 min then 8 minute Amrap
• 6 ring dips
• 6 wipers (on floor)
• 6 V-ups
• 6 sit ups (pin the hands
STRENGTH: 6X6 2-press/2 push press/2-push jerk @ 100% press
GA: 6 ring rows, 3 stink bugs, 5 strict tuck sit, round 2 5 ring dip, 10 abmat sit ups, 20 sec plank hold


WU: BB prep.
WOD: 10 minute EMOM
• 1 Hang power clean
• Push Jerk or push press
• 1 front squat
Rest 5 minutes then: 75% of EMOM # for time
• 30 GTO

• 100 abmat sit ups
• 3 1 minute plank holds


WU: foam roll, 5 minutes bergener warm up. PVC to BB?

WOD: 2-20 minute periods of practice: load will vary per individual.

  • 1st period:
  • Hang power or squat clean/Split or push jerk
  • 2nd period: Hang power or squat snatch

10 minutes mobility work.

0656: DT

In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J.

5 Rounds

  • 12 DL 155/95
  • 9 Hang power clean 155/95
  • 6 Push jerk 155/95

GA: Please keep the weight on the light side but do use this opportunity to come in and practice this BB triplet. One bar at good working wt. Sub 6 PP for PJ if needed.