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Schedule Reminder: Thanksgiving Day Wod: 8A.M only!  Black Friday November 28: 6,8,9am 12,5pm classes only. There is no 5:15am or 6pm class times.  WU: 5 min PT – then 10 minute on clock to workout load.WOD: 3RFT 30 TTB or 50 abmat sit ups 15 C&J 155/105   STRENGTH: OHS f/rack 5X5 10%Up


WU: Shoulder hip mobility then 30 OHS 30 High Pulls WOD: 13 minute amrap 8 OHS 8 SDHP 200 m run STRENGTH: B. Squat 8X3 @85% Finish: 5 minute amrap 20 DU 5 Burpees  

0798: Nancy

The  Dann Family getting in a Wod or two while traveling to Israel. Does this help answer the questions discussed on Saturday morning? If you can’t find a box? Create one!  WU: shoulder and super scapular mobility. Then take 10 minutes to work up to Overhead working wt. WOD: Nancy 5RFT 400 m run 15… Read More »