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WU: Run 300, 10 m mobility lunges, 10 v-ups X3 rds 3 rep Push Press – begin at 70% of 3rm. Add wt. every minute for 5 minutes – Post heaviest effort? Met-con – 12 minute effort of: 10 kb swings 53/35 12 box jumps 14 abmat wt. sit ups 25/15 plate Mobility Minute: Mobilize… Read More »


WU: C.Al, CDM all day! WOD: 15 minute Amrap 100 m run (2nd) 10 Pull ups (kipping or strict) 4-6 GA 10 kb swing 53/35rx // 8 or 6@18 or 26 GA STRENGTH: B. Squat 3 or 5 RM (Post) I did do some housekeeping on the Strength board. I may have relocated to you… Read More »


Hooya to Danielle, Kokoro 32 Graduate! Danielle came in very prepared for the 50 hour experience. She had shown exceptional resolve with the ability to lead and most important be a good teammate. You represented yourself and all of us that train with you at 2120 to the highest standard. I am very proud of… Read More »