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Hooya to Danielle, Kokoro 32 Graduate! Danielle came in very prepared for the 50 hour experience. She had shown exceptional resolve with the ability to lead and most important be a good teammate. You represented yourself and all of us that train with you at 2120 to the highest standard. I am very proud of… Read More »

0634: Welcome Coach Alex

WU: 3 goblet squats, 3 push ups, 10 mt climbers X8 WOD: for reps 8 min AMRAP: 10 KB Swing 53/35 20 box jumps 24″/18″ 2 minute rest 4 minute AMRAP: 10 KB SDHP 53/35 15 Abmat Sit ups 1 minute rest 2 minute AMRAP: BJB STRENGTH: DL 2X3@70% 2X3@80% 2X3@90% GA: 8 minute Amrap:… Read More »