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Scarlett says SIGN UP FOR THE OPEN!!!!!!!  WU: Bergener WU X3 Take 10 minutes to find the right working wt. for 5 unbroken hang squat snatches (GA keep it light the add wt. in small increments) Pass the eyeball test. WOD: 12 min EMOM 5 hang squat snatch (post load) STRENGTH: DL 4X5@75% 2min rest


WU: Get specific and get to practice. Practice up to a working load 15 minutes. WOD: focus: learn at loads that promote confident movement patterns. 12 min emom • 1 wide grip DL • 2 hang power snatch • 3 OHS • 4 hang squat snatch STRENGTH: DL 8X2 @ 70% Mondays Max Effort. Rest… Read More »