0810: CDM coaching all AM class times Monday.

WU: 5 minutesPage Not Found

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Exercise assessment: Aim – Must demonstrate adequate postural positioning under load. He or she will determine load to meet the eyeball test of proper form and function.

Exercises include

  • DL
  • HPC
  • FS
  • THS
  • PP or PJ
  • BS

Remember only one barbell load can be determined for use of all listed movements. Example: JJ has good form with 95lb push press but shows limited ROM and looses Midline Stability with the thruster. JJ must adjust the load to accommodate proper form for the thruster.

WOD: We will have some fun with the list above.

Mobility: 50 OHS set

I look forward to seeing the AM crew Monday morning. It has been an exciting 6 weeks bringing little Andi into her new world. Thank you to the coaching staff and the membership for all your support for myself and Nikki. CDM


• 25 h. power clean
• 12 pull ups
• 800 m run
• 20 s. clean
• 12 pull ups
• 800 m run
• 15 thrusters
• 12 pull ups
• 800 m run
• 5 bb triplet
• 12 pull ups
BB is one load for all movements.
GA: 20 HPC, 8 pull ups (all rds) 15 SC, 10 Thruster, All runs 800 m.

0744: Nasty Girls

WOD: Nasty girls
3 rounds for time of:

• 50 Squats

• 7 Muscle-ups
(mod – 21 ring dips, 21 pull ups
• 10 Hang power clean cleans 135/F95/SM115/SF75
GA: 3RFT 30 Squats, 3 sets 3 dips, 3 pull ups, 10 hang power clean

0732: Progenex 2120 Team Sale 8/18/14

WU: 10 squats, 10 m walking low lunge, 10 m alpine hops, 10 m duck walk, 20 sec plank hold X2
STRENGTH: B. Squats 5X2 100%
• 6 Hang Power clean 135/95/75 RX M/Master/RX F
• 100 m farmer walk 40/30 db’s(2nd speed bump) Blue wall=yes!
Mobility: couch s. 2×1 min R-L


Go thru the work in order described. All individuals will be responsible for self-prescribed load. DO NOT OVERLOAD!!!!! PRACTICE. WU then right to work! AKA chipper style. No clock just activity. The class coach will assist athletes during activity. 12 minutes are allowed for each BB activity.
WU: SMR 5 min then Row 1200 m, Run 350 m, 20 push-ups, 50 squats.
• Hang power snatch 15X1
• OHS 6X3
• Hang power Clean 5×3
• Split Jerk 15X1
• 5 minute HSH practice
GA: Coach has your back!


2120 is pleased to have a very special guest coach on for all class times Monday?
Schedule change: This Friday 4th of July we will be up for the N. Rios Unofficial Laverty/Pope 5K. Look to bottom of page for further details. THE GYM WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY FRIDAY.
WU: 5 minutes BW//5 minutes to warm up to working load on bb.
WOD: 15 minutes
• 5 H. Power Clean to PP 115/95/65
• 10 pull ups
• 200 m run

GA: 5 H. Power Clean, 4-6 pull ups (if 2 is you max pull up do 4 pull up reps. If number is 3 do 6 per round) If this is becoming to easy it is time to drop to a smaller band. Goal to stay fluid with no rest at pull up station.

The 4th Annual, unofficial Solana Beach 4th of July- 5k run/walk.
It’s all for fun and fun for all. Great way to start Americas birthday.
Details below.

RUN AT YOUR OWN RISK! Show up and run. Roads are open.

(By participating you are responsible for your own actions)
This is a free gathering of friends, neighbors.
This is not an official run. no entry fee, Run/walk at your own risk

We have had over 150 runners each of the past 3 years!
***Start: 8:15am 4th of July****
Where: North end of N.Rios, Solana Beach
What; 5k Fun Run/Walk kids too! (no bikes please)

Cost: Free
Bonus.. original T-shirts to finishers (while supplies last)
Bonus…commemorative wrist bands
Bonus….VG Donuts at Finish Line (while supplies last)