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WU: Lat, hip and shoulder mobility WOD: 3RFT 20 squat cleans 135/115/95/65 20 pull ups 600 m run STRENGTH: Deficit DL 6X5@ 60% (Start with a pair of 45#’s) GA: 15 sc, 15 PU, 600m run X3

0793: Hello Valentina

Welcome the newest Mulvaney to the Crew. WU: 5 push ups, 5 good mornings, 10 Tempo squats for 6 solid minutes. STRENGTH: Close grip b. press 5X5 @50 Deficit DL 4X4 @ 60% Bulgarian Split Squat 4X3 (use caution!) Finish with 10 minutes stretching: Calves Hamstrings Pec & anterior shoulder


Attention all members: Schedule note for this Thursday July 17. There will only be a 5:15am, 6am and 7am workout due to Opening day at the track. WU: Get a bb, set up your pull up areas WOD: 5 RFT • 10 GTO (will post wt. options in box) • 12 Pull ups • 200… Read More »