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WU: roll hamstring/quad – lat/t-spine Skill: 15 minutes to work GTO to working load WOD: 10 MIN EMOM 1-10 ladder GTO 2/3 BW or? GA: scale load make all the reps! STRENGTH: B. Squat 8X2 @ 85%


WU: MOBILITY TIME – roll pec, lat, scap, hip//band distraction then more ladder time. STRENGTH: • BENCH PRESS 7X3@80 :60R • B. SQUAT 8X2@80 :90R

0638: After School Teen Class Starts Monday.

Our after school teen strength and conditioning class starts Monday, August 25. Class times will be at 3:30 P.M. on Mondays and Wednesdays. Get your kids signed up and get them physically and mentally stronger in a fun environment. WU: Coach Al has it covered. WOD: 1-10 EMOM • GTO (athletes choice) • Each round… Read More »