Mike Hazel – Free Fall!
WU: hip mobility drills for 5 then 10 jumping split squats, 20 squats X2
STRENGTH: b. squat
• 25@30%
• rest 3:00
• 20@50%
• Rest 3:00
• 15@60%
WOD: 10 rounds
• 30 seconds TTB
• 30 sec. rest
• 30 sec. alt db snatch 40/30
• 30 sec rest
GA: abmat sit ups or clam shells, light db snatch


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WU: C.Al, CDM all day!

WOD: 15 minute Amrap

  • 100 m run (2nd)
  • 10 Pull ups (kipping or strict) 4-6 GA
  • 10 kb swing 53/35rx // 8 or 6@18 or 26 GA

STRENGTH: B. Squat 3 or 5 RM (Post) I did do some housekeeping on the Strength board. I may have relocated to you on the board itself. If you are member your there! Now lets get those numbers on the board and get strong. CDM

0831: Holiday Party Saturday at 4pm.

We hope all members can join us for the CF2120 Holiday Party this Saturday at 4pm. If you did not receive the evite we do apoligise but please attend if you can? 


Choose Endurance or Strength wod?

Endurance WOD: FT – get started right at the bell! Set up & go

  • 100 push ups
  • 800 m run
  • 100 abmat sit up
  • 800 m run
  • 100 pull ups
  • 800 m run
  • 100 squats
  • 800 m run

GA: all runs 600m then 40 HRPU, 40 sit  ups, 30 pull ups, 50 squats


Skill Oly WOD:

  • 4X10 OHS WU wt.
  • 6X3 snatch balance
  • 10X1 high hang sq. snatch
  • b.squat 20@60% 15@ 70% 10@80% 2X5@90%

0810: CDM coaching all AM class times Monday.

WU: 5 minutes

Exercise assessment: Aim – Must demonstrate adequate postural positioning under load. He or she will determine load to meet the eyeball test of proper form and function.

Exercises include

  • DL
  • HPC
  • FS
  • THS
  • PP or PJ
  • BS

Remember only one barbell load can be determined for use of all listed movements. Example: JJ has good form with 95lb push press but shows limited ROM and looses Midline Stability with the thruster. JJ must adjust the load to accommodate proper form for the thruster.

WOD: We will have some fun with the list above.

Mobility: 50 OHS set

I look forward to seeing the AM crew Monday morning. It has been an exciting 6 weeks bringing little Andi into her new world. Thank you to the coaching staff and the membership for all your support for myself and Nikki. CDM