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WU: 3 rounds 10 hanging tuck sits, 20 m walking lunge, 5-10 dive bombers, 10 gate swings   STRENGTH: 4X3 b. squat to step up R-L @50%ME or adjust //step 24”/18” or 12”   WOD: 5 rounds unbroken (Aim- no loitering on barbell – choose load to assure success) 5 Hang squat clean thruster 15/135??… Read More »

0708: MU w/coach Al

Attention all members: Schedule note for this Thursday July 17. There will only be a 5:15am, 6am and 7am workout due to Opening day at the track. WU: Coach will prep/Coach Beth at 5-6pm SKILL: Muscle Up Progression w/coach AL WOD: Partner up (18 min) • P1 run 350 (6 v-up & 3 burpee tax… Read More »