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Lifting days are challenging, require great focus and above all are fun sessions with your friends your normally huffing and puffing with on a daily basis. Plus you will cover 8 of the 10 fitness domains listed over the WB. See you all in the box Wednesday.

WU: CG am&noon , CDM 5,6pm – 10 minutes

Skill: All skill work for practice not Max Efforts

  • Hang Snatch GA: Hang Power Snatch (please allow for 15-20 minutes of lift time after coaching points have been addressed)
  • Snatch GA: power Snatch W/Halted DL (15 minutes lift time)


Time to Party. Please RSVP to our 2120 evite for our Holiday party coming up this Saturday. Bring a friend or family member and show them what the hype is all about! 

WU: DFM in the am/CDR pm

WOD: 15 minutes of work.

  • 10 OHS or 20 squat
  • 2/4 or 10 pull ups
  • 20 DU or 40 SU
  • 10 Hollow rocks
  • Run or row 300 m

STRENGTH/SKILL with the end of November so did OHS month. Check out your new:

  • Hang Squat Snatch

Take 15 minutes to discover.

Finish: 30/40 barbell rollouts?

0810: CDM coaching all AM class times Monday.

WU: 5 minutes

Exercise assessment: Aim – Must demonstrate adequate postural positioning under load. He or she will determine load to meet the eyeball test of proper form and function.

Exercises include

  • DL
  • HPC
  • FS
  • THS
  • PP or PJ
  • BS

Remember only one barbell load can be determined for use of all listed movements. Example: JJ has good form with 95lb push press but shows limited ROM and looses Midline Stability with the thruster. JJ must adjust the load to accommodate proper form for the thruster.

WOD: We will have some fun with the list above.

Mobility: 50 OHS set

I look forward to seeing the AM crew Monday morning. It has been an exciting 6 weeks bringing little Andi into her new world. Thank you to the coaching staff and the membership for all your support for myself and Nikki. CDM


November Challenge: OHS – Only use load to enable top form. For instance, You can use a band, PVC, PVC w/2.5lb plate, 15#bb,33#,45# etc…….. Make it happen folks.

WU: Hang out under that barbell and banded lat + lacrosse ball roll out.

WOD: 10 minute Amrap

  • 2 thrusters 95/65
  • 2 CTBPU
  • 4 thrusters
  • 4 CTBPU
  • 6 thrusters
  • 6 CTBPU
  • 8 thrusters
  • 8 CTBPU
  • 10 thruster
  • 10 CTBPU
  • 12 thruster
  • 12 CTBPU
  • Continue to add by X2 reps past this point

STRENGTH: box squat w/wide stance 8X2 @85%

Finish: 6X5 Snatch balance under previous days OHS load. Coaches note: This is a show and go for our athletes. Save the tech talk for Tractons!

0791: Paleo Challenge Starts this Monday!!!!!

We are starting a new Paleo Challenge on 10/20/14.
In order to JOIN the challenge, here’s what YOU need to do:

  1. Please download the “Paleo Challenge” app on your phone – available on both iOS and android. (Requires iOS 7.1 or later).
  2. After watching the short video, select “Join Challenge” from the home screen.
  3. Search for the 2120 Paleo Challenge 14.
  4. Click “View.”
  5. And then “Join” ($9.99).

This challenge is designed to look, feel and perform better!!!!!!!

Reset, establish new habits and feel great. Whether you are new to the nutrition challenge scene, or you need some extra motivation to get back on track, join the group for a fun and rewarding month!

Looking forward to a great challenge,

WU: Ready Go! 8 Push ups, 14 squats, 30 bicycles X3

Skill: 10 minutes C&Split jerk.

WOD1: 5 minutes

  • 1 C& Split jerk
  • 15 DU

STRENGTH: 8X2 Thruster :60 sec rest

WOD: 2 10 EMOM or Death by, as they say!

  • 1 thruster 95/65
  • 4 pull ups

Pull up # remains at 4. Add 1 additional thruster rep each minute. Minute 1 = 1 thr, minute 2 = 2 the……..10 If you fail? 5 round – run 1000 m, 6 rd-800 m 7rd-600 m 8rd-400 m 9rd 200 m 10 rd 100 m Finish all = Pay Dirt!!!!!