1838: Thursday 3/1
STRENGTH: push press 6X2 climbing
CFNE runs a wod called “Goat Day” Choose (2) movements that you want to get better at
but need some skill time and the coaches assistance to gain greater understanding.
wod: Amrap 20
Odd minute – Goat 1
Even minute – Goat 2
Volume is up to you. If you want to simply focus on getting better keep the reps low if
you seek intensity turn the up the volume depending on load of course.
Open athletes – Don’t forget Friday we have a go at 18.2


1839: Wednesday 2/28
STRENGTH: DL 3 3 2 2 1 1
A. 5 rounds
1 minute – wall balls
1 minute – Cal row
1 minute – DU
rest 1 minute
5 pull ups
8 burpees (fast) games standard
Scale: 3 pull ups – 5 burpees


1. Slow Tempo Muscle Snatch+ Tall Snatch+ Snatch Drop+ Zotts Press: (3+3+3+3)x3

*Move really slow off the ground on the muscle snatch to reinforce good positions.

2. SN PP + Pause OHS+ OHS: (2+1+2) x 3 working sets.

3. High Hang Snatch + Snatch: (2+1) x 3 working sets..

4. Pause Front Squat+Front Squat (1+2) x 4

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5. 3 sets:

SuperMans + Superman holds x 15 supermans straight into 20 second hold

Weighted Russian Twists x 30

kb side bends x 20 each side

Note: If you are learning these movements keep the bar light experiment and play. There is no met-con effort today. Focus mobility first and work with your coach to assess ROM and what you need to work on to improve.


1837: Monday 2/26
wod: amrap 20
2/4/6 or 8 pull ups
4/6/8 or 10 hrpu
6 or 8 db step ups (knee no higher hip for box height)
20 DU
10 hollow rocks
18.1 redo
amrap 20
8 T2B
5/5 db clean and jerks 50/35
Cal Row 14/12


Complete as many rounds as possible
in 20 minutes of:
8 toes-to-bars
10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks
14 / 12-cal. row

Rx’d: (Ages 16-54)
Men use 50-lb. dumbbell
Women use 35-lb. dumbbell

Scaled: (Ages 16-54)
Men perform hanging knee-raises, use 35-lb. dumbbell
Women perform hanging knee-raises, use 20-lb. dumbbell

Teenagers 14-15:
Boys use 35-lb. dumbbell
Girls use 20-lb. dumbbell

Scaled Teenagers 14-15:
Boys perform hanging knee-raises, use 20-lb. dumbbell
Girls perform hanging knee-raises, use 10-lb. dumbbell

Masters 55+:
Men use 35-lb. dumbbell
Women use 20-lb. dumbbell

Scaled Masters 55+:
Men perform sit-ups, use 20-lb. dumbbell
Women perform sit-ups, use 10-lb. dumbbell

Please note: We currently have (1) pair of 50lb db’s and (1) pair or 35lb db’s. These are also steel dumbbells they cannot be dropped on the flooring. We will work on providing more db’s for our athletes that have signed up for the open.

If you have signed up for the open you have till Monday at 5pm to submit your score. We do encourage anyone signed up use open gym time or Friday night to come in to perform the wod in waves.

If you are not signed up for the open no problem this is still a solid workout and we encourage that you have a go. Please do not hesitate to use the scaled option make no mistake these workouts still pack a serious punch.

Good Luck and Have fun with it.


1836: Thursday 2/22
STRENGTH: b squat 5 5 3 3 2 2 climbing
wod: 24 16 12
push ups
abmat sit ups
squat jacks
db push press 20/15
kb swings 35/26