Hilarious, I have to give it up to Mahoney for this one. Enjoy all the chalk you need, just keep the bucket outside the box. Core Values folks.

1713: Tuesday 9/24
STRENGTH: push press 3 2 2 1 1
A. 5×3/6/8 or 12 strict pull ups
B. 100/50 or 40 strcit push ups – 5X20=100 5×10=50 or 8×5=40 (rest as needed)
C. 5X5 bent rows bb,db or kb?
D. 5X50 m farmer carry – db or kb (1st speed bump)
E. Conditioning – row 2000 m with a partner (not for time)
Coaches note: set up an emom clock A thru D. rest after exercise for 3 minutes.