1607: Wednesday 5/24
STRENGTH: seated press – 10 8 6 4
wod: Amrap 18
ring complex: 8 body row, 6 tuck sits, 4 ring dips
1 ring complex
2 wall walks
10 pistols or 20 reverse lunges
10 v- ups
10 K2E

Scale: 6 ring row, 3 ring dips, 1 wall walk, 12 reverse lunges, 6 v-ups, 5 tuck sits (pull up bar) ”

1606: Challenge Ends

1606: Tuesday 5/23
This being the final day of our booze free/ attendance challenge.
It was not easy for some of you to give up the sauce regardless if
you normally comsume occasionally or often. We did learn that Micheal Uy
did go from a 35″ waist to 32″ in the last 5 weeks. John Mckinley has not experienced
blood sugar levels this consistant for long while. Julie and Brad Worley have never looked better and have requested that we run this challenge again at the start of the football season next fall. Lali works at a bar 5 nights a week and not a drop as her attendance numbers soared in the mid 20’s out of 30. Solid effort everyone I will be coming up with our next challenge begining in June.

STRENGTH: 6 sets – 1 squat clean then 5 front squats
wod: 15 minutes – Add 2 reps for each movement following every run.
2 kb swings
2 strict push ups (hold one full second at top)
200 m run

1603: ARTIE

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Police Officer Arthur “Artie” Lopez, 29, of Babylon Village, New York, was killed in the line of duty on Oct. 23, 2012. Officer Lopez, a decorated eight-year veteran of the force, was serving on the Emergency Services Unit at the Nassau County Police Department at the time of his death. He kept himself in peak physical condition for the job as a member of CrossFit Merrick in Bellmore, New York. Fran and Cindy were among his favorite workouts.

He is survived by his sister, Charo; and parents, Alfonso and Mirella.


5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
5 pull ups
10 Thrusters 95/65


1602: Thursday 5/18
STRENGTH: DL 5X2 climbing
A. amrap 6
8 sdhp (kb) 70/53
6 hrpu
4 goblet squats
rest 3 mintues
B. amrap 10
10 alternating shoulder slam ball cleans 50/25
200 m run


STRENGTH: b press 8 6 4 2 climbing
Super set w/ barbell bent rows 8 6 4 2

Wod: no clock. U pick the load.

20 TGU (options- kb,db,bb or med ball
10 MU – pull up bar or rings. No MU no problem – 15 slow negatives.
Superset – 10 v-ups 10 abmat sit ups x7
Final: EMOM 6
10 single arm thruster Kb or db.
Sprint 50 m (1st bump)