1294: Wednesday 6/1
WOD: 3 rounds
20 kb snatch (alternating) or use db
20 goblet squats
Run 400 m
STRENGTH: b. squat 3RM
Finisher:4×5 kb thruster



1293: Tuesday 5/31
For those of you that missed out on Murph. We will offer up a redo this Friday at all class times. Alternitive wod will also be a available
for the ones that got it done on Monday.
STRENGTH: Press – take 12 minutes to find a 1,3 or 5 rep max
30 DU/SU
Run 200 m
10 power cleans 115/85 or athltes choice
Finisher: 100 abmat sit ups or get on the GHD

1292: Memorial Day at 7,8 or 9am class times.

Murph or Badger (Please read link to your wod prior to your workout)

Murph: FT w/20lb vest
Run 1 mi
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
Run 1 mi

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Official Citation

Run 800m
10 rounds – 5 pull ups,10 push ups, 15 squats
Run 800m

Badger: 3RFT
30 squat cleans 95/65
30 pull ups
800m run


In honor of Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, 27, of Virginia Beach, VA who was killed in Iraq last week.



MRam! You are a solid member my friend.

1290: Friday 5/27
Tabata Station.
pull ups
Push press (remember the 4 round part)
thruster (remember the 4 round part)
plank hold with a push up at 10 sec.
jumping split squats
rest 1 minutes after each round for 4 rounds

finisher: Something BB or go for a lagoon jog with a buddy?

Reminder: Memorial Day class schedule – 7am,8am and 9am only.



Regional Athlete Mark Pfiefer

1289: Thursday 5/26
Snatch pracitce with coach al in the morning and coach audi at 5:30
Go with some weight or keep it light and learn. Get in and get coached.
Snatch balance and drills
hang power snatch
hang squat snatch