No 5:30pm class Christmas Eve.

1152: Thursday 12/24/15
WU: Jingle fun
WOD: 25 minutes
12 slam ball alternating ground to shoulder
8 slam ball goblet squats
4 slam ball get ups (rack on shoulder)
2 slam ball burpee
350m run

STRENGTH: 3X10 step bb walking lunges (b. rack) take bar from rack



Come back Matt!

1151: Wednesday 12/23/15
WU: 5 to ready!
No measure for the following:
A. 10X10 wall balls GA:10X5
B. 5X10 b. press
C. 10X2 DL @80%
D. 10X10 second freestanding or HSH



Sam Briggs

1150: Tuesday 12/22/15

WU: Get ready for some Pullin!

WOD: 6 RFT coaches need to stagger athletes to create accessbility
20 cal row
16 db snatch (alternating) If you can Kb snatch use heavier load.
3 rope climbs

GA: 15 cal row, 10 snatch, 2 rope c. modify

Accessory: NFT 10 mt climbers, 5 V ups X 10 rounds



Has anyone seen either of these men?

1149: Monday 12/21/15
WU: Shorty day of the year. Warm long days ahead.

Barbell warm up: 5 rounds. keep wt. the same or grow the load every rd.
2 DL, 2 bent rows, 2 hang power clean, 2 f. squats, 2 push press, 2 thrusters

WOD: 21 15 9
Clusters 95/65 (Cluster = squat clean to thruster = clean from floor recieve at bottom squat then drive bb to full knee/hip extension, arms locked with barbll over center body!
pull ups

GA: 15 12 9 use db’s instead of a barbell if mobility is an issue.

STRENGTH: b. squat 6X3@ 75%

1148: Saturday Wrap up with Coach P.


Brian Mulvaney doing what he does well. Sleeves up!

1148: Saturday 12/19/15
BW: UPI – you pick the intensity
5 or 10 rounds 5/10/15
Run Zapo or 1 mi
optional 5 rounds 5/10/15

Barbell Option:
2 Rounds for time of:
30 Overhead Squats, 135/95
30 TTB
10 Squat Snatch, 135/95
10 Bar MU