1076: Welcome back Bobby!

WU: Use the 800 as warm up. Coaching staff will offer exersice demos for those that need instruction. Use different db’s and share yours. No equipment possession.
A. Run 800 m – no measure
B. 5×5 renegade rows – push up row R push row L = 1rep!
C. 5X2 TGU use a db for this classic (2 means 1L&1R) Load up a barbell if your talented?
D. 5X5 db single leg DL
E. 100 anchored sit ups (put a db behind your head if it is easy)
F. 6X3 db HSPU (grip db’s go to defcit or scale, kip or strict)
G. Stretch out! Dont run for the car when you need to work on flexibility.

Here is a secret. Noon is going to be the time to train tomorrow. Bobby will be coaching, Coach Dan will be training and MIKHAIL WILL BE MOTIVATING!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM-GOING OFF.


WU: 1 or 2 pull ups, 4 V- ups, 8 squatsX5 rounds

A. 15 12 9
SDHP 75/53 (do not drop bar!) Plate size 75# or below never drop from above the hip.
Over the bar burpee

Rest 5 minutes

B. 21 15 9 (6 minute cap)
Thrusters 95/65
Pull ups

C. 5×3@70% b. squat – pause 3 sec. at bottom.


WU: 50 SU, 20 mobility squats, 200 m run X2 rounds

A. 15 minutes
10 DB step ups
100 m run
5 body blasters (burpee pull up to KTE) GA- 5 pull ups

B. Bear complex – 10 reps
1 BC – 1 power clean, 1 f. sqaut, 1 push press, 1 b. sqaut, 1 push press (behind neck)


Glen if you missed it. Or partner up for Glen. Arrange for any rep scheme you like. Have Fun!
Friday 5:30pm class will be cancelled due to Kaboo!

Glen: If you would like to make a donation there are still Glen/2120 t shirts available. $50.00 wod+t shirt. Proceeds to GDMF

30 C&J 135/95
Run 1 mi
12 rope climbs
Run 1 mi
100 strict burpees


WU: Run 800 m, 10 burpees, 40 squats, 10 push ups and 100 SU

A. As many DUs in 6 minutes. If you fail, run 200 m

Rest 2 minutes

B. Tabata plank holds
push up plank- to enhance plank get on tip toes or use starfish plank (REST IN STANDING POSITION)

Rest 4 minutes

C. Teams of 2 attempt max pull ups in 5 minutes. When not on pull ups partner will maintain a squat at paralelle. Teams of 2 choose the following:Banded (state size band used) Strict, Kipping, C2B (consider strategies and rep scheme that will work efficiently for YOUR team!



WU: Bergener Warm up X3! Additional mobility may be necessary.

A. 6 minutes (No measure)
5 OHS – bb light or PVC.
Jog pace 100m

B. 10 Minute Practice clock
1 Hang Power Snatch every :30 to 1:00 on the minute (roughly). Focus on each attempt.

C. 20 minutes or till the end of class time.
1 Squat Snatch w/halted DL (when the barbell speed slows return to previous weight. Practice and have fun.