1083: 9/30/15
WU: ready time for gymanstic fun.
A. 8X5 ring rows
B. 8X5 ring push ups (keep it strict no matter what body angle your at)
C. 2:00 minute total time Ring hold, tuck sit or Ring L-Sit
D. 10X3 HSPU (defcit if you can) play around.
E. zapo jog or go get wet! (your choice)


WU: mobility work – 50 SU, mobility squats

A. 5 minute amrap
20 DU
10 squats

B. b. squat 5×5@70% Page Not Found

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C. 6×25 anchored sit ups (plate) practice freestanding HSH between sets

D. b. press 5X5@70%


WU: mobility + 600m run
30 hang squat cleans 95/65
30 burpees
30 DU
30 Push press 95/65 (drop bb from hip or lower)
Run 1 mile
30 Push press
30 DU
30 burpees
30 hang squat cleans


WU: Mobility prep, SMR – lats, glutes & hams!


Complete as many rounds as possible in 26 minutes of:
10 pull-ups
15 kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood
20 box jumps, 24-inch box

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GA: 5 pull ups, 8 kb swings, 10 box jumps or step ups, 400 m run – 26 minutes

Job well done to all our 2120 competetors that participated in the Proving Grounds Fitness challenge on Saturday. Team Margret/Amanda placed 2nd place in their division. Great work – Team captain Patricia, Kevan, Jake, Tim I, Nate, C. Kim and C. Christine.

1078: Beach day

The water is very warm and temps are hot and humid and we are located a block from the beach. Get out and get into it. Meet your crew at the box and make it happen.

WOD: Go to beach from the gym.
Surf or swim with your buddies in your class.
Or partner up and run to 4th st reef on the beach.
Or 10 push ups, 15 sqauts 20 rounds on the beach
Or 10X50 m sprints on the beach.
Or 15 minute amrap –
from the sand paddle out catch a wave run back to dry sand = 1rep
5,6AM – open gym or hit the beach.
Or whatever coach al has you do!


WU: get familiar with wod and rehearse 2 reps each for one round through.

40 box jumps
40 Wall balls
40 mt. climbers 2 ct
40 Push press 75/53 (do not drop bb from above the hip)
40 b. squats 75/53
40 hang power clean 75/35
1000 m run
10 burpees
100 DU/SU

GA: 1/2 the reps – 400 m run

Friday: Lets hit the beach. The water is super warm. Lets swim, surf, boogie or run in the sand. It is too nice not to.