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0802: Halloween WOD WU: Good Morning Coach Al then afternoon to Coach Nice Dan! WOD: Athletes choice of weighted slam ball AKA Pumpkin-50/25/20/15/10: 5RFT 15 pumpkin smash slams 20 pumpkin sit ups (feet-butterfly, ball to chest throughout) 6 pumpkin shoulder get-ups (1R-1L)1-fers 350 m pumpkin low, shoulder or overhead carry 20 chest to ball push… Read More »


WU: hip & shoulder mobility WOD: 7 RFT 5 Curtis P’s 95/65 6 OTBB 200 m run STRENGTH: b. squat 8X3@80% :90


  WU: Shoulder / Hip mobility WOD: 15-Minute Amrap. Go + 1 rep on 5/10/15 and burpee each round. 5/10/15 pull ups, push ups, squats Run 50 m 1 burpee at blue wall STRENGTH: Push Press 8X2@80%

0798: Nancy

The  Dann Family getting in a Wod or two while traveling to Israel. Does this help answer the questions discussed on Saturday morning? If you can’t find a box? Create one!  WU: shoulder and super scapular mobility. Then take 10 minutes to work up to Overhead working wt. WOD: Nancy 5RFT 400 m run 15… Read More »