0769: Hello Baby Miller!!!!!

Nikki gave Birth to A.K.A Scrunchie at 8am Monday. Thank you for all your support and C. BobbY we timed you in perfectly. See you all very soon. CDM

WU: Al, Bobby & BT
WOD: 18 min AMRAP
• 8 box jumps
• 12 Push ups
• 18 kb swings 53/35
• 200 m run
STRENGTH: push jerk – 20 minutes to 3 rm (stay clear of moving bb’s)

0768: I now present Mr. & Mrs. Lake!!!!!!

All of us would like to say happy nuptials to the Lakes for tying the knot over the weekend back in Boston. That #13 rope climb was a real B#$%^ for the bride but it sounds like it was great fun for all who attended. Great future to you both but please notice what CF can do for you. Take a look at the shoulders on that Bride. #bootchic

WU: Guest Coach – 5 minutes.
WOD: 0673 Last 6/2/14
#1- 6 min amrap
• 6 pull ups
• 1 burpee
• 6 TTB
• 20 squats
Rest 2 minutes
#2 – 12 minute Amrap
• 6 f. squats 135/95
• 200 m run
• 6 b. squats

0767: Heather & Sean Wedding Day Wod

0778: Wedding Day Wod: This one can be performed in DM or Boston.
If you need direction? Here you go. Sean & Heathers WOD!!!!!!
It has to be partners. Please No Gender Bias. Please gaze deep into your partners eyes during all exercises. Except if there happens to be a mirror nearby. In that case check yourself out in 3 different planes of motion. Attire: mid-riff and shirts of course.

WOD: RFP (round or rounds for perfection) Complete reps of IgoUgo.
• 30 Hand holding squat to chest bump (not too hard a bump. Like Johnny Castle bumping Baby in DD kind of bump!
• 40 ankle linked sit ups (patty cake or high ten at finish)
• 50 push ups w/ tent cover. one person take high pike position while the performs the pu underneath. Or bottom V-up while top push up? Yikes.
• 3 perfectly linked push ups (strongest in the rear with partner in front wi/feet on shoulders.
• 15 Sean’s favorite BB Bicep curls any kind (remember the stare)
• 50 BB thrusters (both connected to bb)
• 50 SU (one skip 2 in the middle)
• 1 HSH for 20 sec. (Back to back) may need a spotter?
• Plank support with one on the bottom and one on top – 10 attempts.
• Last – we will all link arms and hop 20 m together on our left leg in support of the bride on her Big Day!


• 25 h. power clean
• 12 pull ups
• 800 m run
• 20 s. clean
• 12 pull ups
• 800 m run
• 15 thrusters
• 12 pull ups
• 800 m run
• 5 bb triplet
• 12 pull ups
BB is one load for all movements.
GA: 20 HPC, 8 pull ups (all rds) 15 SC, 10 Thruster, All runs 800 m.


WU: MOBILITY TIME – roll pec, lat, scap, hip//band distraction then more ladder time.
• BENCH PRESS 7X3@80 :60R
• B. SQUAT 8X2@80 :90R