0743: DFM Teen S&C starts Monday at 3:30

DFM Teen S&C begins this Monday. The classes will run Monday, Wednesday at 3:30 P.M. and will run for 1 hour in duration. I am very passionate about helping our young boys and girls become better equipped in the gym in a fun but very focused training environment. Everyone that participates will learn to work in a team atmosphere. No single athlete will put themselves before teammates. Each athlete will learn to lead from the front becoming more vocal and of course leading by example. Athletes will also be randomly asked to teach a skill or movement that is learned throughout the course curriculum. Body weight conditioning will be our primary focus but not limited to the barbell all external loads. Technique will always trump Load. This has always been the 2120 way. All athletes will also possess a greater understanding of ALL Barbell mechanics from the slow to the Olympic lifts.Learning proper form on the barbell is critical to the future of any young athletes success. Please bring kids to class starting tomorrow or feel free to come and check out one of our sessions in the future. Looking forward to preparing all your young athletes for the future. Sincerely, CDM

WU: team up and let’s get right on the set up. 5:15am’ers box will open at 5am.
WOD: 21 minutes – Partners of up to (3) can share kb, dl and thruster bar.
• 8 HSPU
• 8 BW ½ DL
• 8 Pull ups
• 8 Thrusters (use same load as Friday 8/22)
• 8 burpees
• 8 kb swings 70/53
STRENGTH: DL 1-3 max effort (post and retain # for future use)

0742: Saturday wrap up!

WU: group
WOD: 0741 Make Up!
Or –
Teams of 2
10 rounds of triplet
• 15 box jumps
• 10 push press 95/65 (find compatible partner)
• 350 m run
runner tags to take over running rep count.

0741: Do it – journal it!!!!!!

You have to learn to “Do” before you can command the “Say” my little Scarlett!
WU: Al, Chris and Danielle will get it in and send it in 20 minutes. Wod 0725 was last performed 8/4/14
WOD: 0725 + 10 lbs // 5RFT
• 8 Squat clean Thruster 105/75
• 8 pull ups
• 8 burpees
• 200 m run
GA: lighter load 8 sct, 7 pull ups, 6 burpees 200 m run


WU: 5 minutes mobility.
Wod: 10 minutes
• 10 push ups
• 10 sec HSH
• 10 V-Ups
• 10 mt. climbers
• 4X3 STRICT PRESS @ 100% 2 minute rest
• 4X3 DL @ 100% 2-3 minute rest
Work up to max load w/ 3 WU sets.

0739: Recovery Day

WOD: 20 minutes of activity
• 5 burpees
• 8 KTE
• 11 kb swings (athletes choice)
• 20 DU/30 SU
STRENGTH: B. PRESS 4X6 @ 100% (spot and encourage one another)

0638: After School Teen Class Starts Monday.

Our after school teen strength and conditioning class starts Monday, August 25. Class times will be at 3:30 P.M. on Mondays and Wednesdays. Get your kids signed up and get them physically and mentally stronger in a fun environment.
WU: Coach Al has it covered.
WOD: 1-10 EMOM
• GTO (athletes choice)
• Each round missed will result in 6 burpees. Burpees will be paid up immediately after the 10 minutes expires. If you do not complete burpees by minute 12 perform 10 MORE burpees and move on to back squats.
STRENGTH: b. squat 4×6 @ 100%