It is Labor day, however the staff (CDM) will be there at 8,9am for the adult crowd and 10am for teens.
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0749: competition: Interested?

Come in we will move around a bit at nine. Page Not Found

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Strength: Press – Dynamic Effort 10×2@75% :30 to :60 rest.

0747: Friday Assault 1

Labor Day Hours 8,9AM only. DFM Teen S&C at 10AM
WU: Bring a towel and dry cloths.
WOD: Friday beach Assault
• 10 GTO 135/95
• 25 pull ups
• 12 burpees
• Run to top of dog beach (via river route)
• 200 squats
• Run to box or get wet first
• If you decided to run to box? Finish triplet in reverse order.
• If your wet – low crawl to volleyball nets and back to ocean (who will take the sugar cookie of the day?). Get wet and clean off. Return to box and finish triplet in reverse order.
STRENGTH: Saturday


WU: Get specific and get to practice. Practice up to a working load 15 minutes.
WOD: focus: learn at loads that promote confident movement patterns. 12 min emom
• 1 wide grip DL
• 2 hang power snatch
• 3 OHS
• 4 hang squat snatch
STRENGTH: DL 8X2 @ 70% Mondays Max Effort. Rest only 30 to 60 sec. between efforts. dynamic effort – move the bar fast as possible.


Labor Day Hours – 8 and 9 AM only!
WU: 10 minutes to mobile.
WOD: Met-Con
• Run 1 mile
• 75 push ups
• 10 sprint starts (bump to bump)
• 50 leg raises to reverse crunch
• Run 1 mi
If you do not want to do this wod then work on a skill.


0744: Nasty Girls

WOD: Nasty girls
3 rounds for time of:

• 50 Squats

• 7 Muscle-ups
(mod – 21 ring dips, 21 pull ups
• 10 Hang power clean cleans 135/F95/SM115/SF75
GA: 3RFT 30 Squats, 3 sets 3 dips, 3 pull ups, 10 hang power clean