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Bobby goes off! An exercise tale by Coach Bobby. Bobby will be coaching all class times Monday. This will be his last day of Coaching at 2120 for now. So show up and put out for our friendly leader. DONT FORGET THE  FAREWELL BOBBY BBQ WILL GO DOWN THIS FRIDAY AT 5:30PM. For time: Buy… Read More »

Category: WOD


14.5 or 16 minutes 12 KTE 20 DU 15 KB swings 200 m run 6 pull ups

Category: WOD


WU: hip/shoulder mobility 5 min, then run 1000 m, 25 push ups, 75 squats break however you like. WOD: 15 minutes work 350 m run 5/10? db thrusters 4 db renegade rows 2 db get ups GA: Same rep total choose proper load.


WU: 4 push ups, 5 V-ups, 2 get ups,5 squatsX6 STRENGTH: B. Press 4X10@50% DL 4X5@50 4X8 Strict Push up SLDL – light accessory work 10mX4 OHWL (use light plate) accessory work GA: Practice and learn.