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42 to 48 is a tradition that started during my time at US CrossFit. Hard to believe but this will be my age for the coming year. I use these workouts on my birthday for my own personal benchmark. Unfortunately as I get older the rep count won’t decrease. This year I will be skiing on birthday just as I have the last 42 years. I have only missed two days on snow during that time frame. One year I was on travel in Australia the other was last year just 6 days after the birth of Scarlett. Saturday we will say goodbye to my best friends mother Sallie Kittredge. My Aunt Sallie was like a mother to me growing up. Sallie was full of life and always the life of the party. With a great laugh and passion for the arts, theater, travel and love for her 4 children and many grand and great grandchildren. Aunt Sal I will have a run and toast a glass in your honor on Saturday. Thank you for being in my life. Much love to you and the Kittredge Clan back in AZO. We will miss you. Danny Miller

Now lets get down to the business of this wod! Like I said I am sorry not to be there to see you all perform this one. Your focus is “Execution” Don’t shave reps rather count your reps. If you loose track of your rep count then do an extra 10 reps just saying! Execute the reps like it is “the open”. If you Do Not get your chin over the bar or arms lockout in the bottom of the pull up? don’t count it! Bobby will give you a through description of each movement standard. Do your best and nail each rep. If your fast but missing ROM or slow with diminishing intensity? Then learn to grease the groove and get yourself right. Thank you for your efforts members of 2120. I really enjoy working with you all. Have a great one and “put out”. Sincerely CDM

P.S: If you tip a beer after the wod at any of the class times Friday? Please say “Here’s to Aunt Sallie” Because she would be you’re A. Sallie too if she met you even one time.

Wod: 48 FT
• 48 Wall balls 20/14
• 48 pull ups
• 48 Pistols (you either have it or you don’t?) if not 200 squats!
• 48 TTB
• 48 db Uni-Lateral Biceps curl 40/30
• 48 db push press (1 sec lockout)
• 48 db snatch (alternate)
• 48 alternate landing box jumps 24/18 (jump /w 2 feet – land with 1 and extend before return to floor) same CF standard only with one foot.
• 48 Mt. Burpee (finish should be 6” above vertical reach!)

Pistols, Curls, Snatch and box jump reps are all a combined total. 24R – 24L

G. Antlers:
Cut all reps in half. Pull-ups are scaled as: 16,20 or 24, TTB/clam shell, box jump 2 feet, mt burpee/2120 style burpee.


WU: 10 m walking Quad stretch, 10 m walking Knee hug, 10 m broad jump burpee, wall squat 1 min X2
WOD: Pick one!
Wod 1:
• Run 1 mi
• Rest 2 min
• Run 1000
• Rest 1 min
• Run 800
• Rest 30 sec
• Run Zapo (6pm class run 1 mi)
Or Wod 2
• SLDL 4X5 @50%
• 5×8 ring rows
• 5×8 OHRL – (overhead reverse lunge)Perform from rack or ground? PVC to # choose load wisely.
• 4×10 chins

0586: Roney

WU: 10 m walking Quad stretch, 10 m walking Knee hug, 10 m broad jump burpee, wall squat 1 min X2
WOD: Roney
Four rounds of:
▪ Run 200 meters
▪ 135 pound Thruster, 11 reps
▪ Run 200 meters
▪ 135 pound Push press, 11 reps
▪ Run 200 meters
▪ 135 pound Bench press, 11 reps
Police Service of Northern Ireland Constable Ronan Kerr, 25, of Omagh, Northern Ireland, was killed on April 2, 2011 by a car bomb outside his home in Omagh.

He is survived by his mother Nuala, brothers Cathair and Aaron, and sister Dairine.


WU: 20 m walking Quad stretch, 20 m walking Knee hug, 20 m broad jump burpee, wall squat 1 min X2
STRENGTH: B. Squat 4×10 @75%
WOD: 12 min amrap
• 8m db. walking lunge 40/30/20
• Run 200 m
• 10 DB squat (db’s in hammer position)


WU: 20 m high knees, 20 grapevine, 20 jacks, 10 m inch worm, 10 walking lunge w/twist x2
WOD: 0579 make up or
5 rounds:
• 20 wall balls
• 15 pull ups
• 350 m run