HH #12

Mckinley twins are ready to go home.

Teams of 2,3 or 4  – Max team rounds in 40 min.

  • 5 F. Squat 115/75
  • 8 Push ups
  • 5 Pull ups
  • 7 KTE

All teammates must complete all required reps and movements to take a 25 point round. All teams are required to run to the top of the Zapo hill as a team to receive score before expiration of the 40 minutes.

Saturday 9/22/12  Make up or Mop up!

Endurance or lift day?



Wednesday Glen Doherty was honored by family, friends and collogues. Winchester Mass. Put on an incredible display of patriotism as they paid respect to their native son and true American hero. Thank you to all of you for helping out at the box giving me the opportunity to attend the funeral of a great friend.  Looking forward to seeing you all Thursday at the 6 pm. Coach Dan

John and Suzy gave birth to their Twin Daughters on Wednesday afternoon. JM even made it in for the 6am wod start off the best day of his life as a father. Can’t wait to see the girls.


  • 21 kb swings 53/35
  • 12 GTO 95/65
  • 400 m run

Strength: BS 10×2 @ 75 %




20 min Amrap

  • 8 wall balls 20/14
  • 10 TTB
  • 15 DU
  • 100 m sprint

Take 10 minutes to 1 C&J (post)

To all the Members and coaching staff at 2120. I would like to thank all of you for your  understanding and compassion of the events of the past week and our dear friend Glen Doherty. I will be heading back to Boston tonight with members of the community at 2120 as well those from US CrossFit for the funeral of Glen. Thank you to my wife (squirrel) and you the members for all your hard work and support. Please take some time the next 2 days to take Shannon, Sean and of course Glen in your thoughts or prayers. DM

HH #11


Our Dear Friend Glen, I (we) as a community have so much admiration, respect and love for you. Glen, your passion for life ran far and wide whether it was doing a hard workout, charging in the Wasatch on skis, surfing in North County or being among the best Operators in the Seal Teams for over 9 years. I do not know one person on this earth who has known Glen as someone other than the best dude, friend, teammate or person you will ever meet. Like one of his Brothers in the teams once told me “He (Glen) was like  a human conduit”.  He connected so many of us as close friends today. We will miss your quick wit, cooking, razor sharp attention to detail, research mastery and your rock solid opinions from Politics, sports to gardening. You are not only a Great American Hero Glen Doherty but you will always be a legend in our hearts and souls. WE WILL FOREVER MISS YOU GLEN

Coach Dan and the community at CrossFit 2120

For time:

  • 21 pull ups
  • 32 push ups
  • 43 squats
  • Run 800 m
  • 43 box jumps
  • 32 Ring dips
  • 21 CTB pull ups
  • Run 800 m
  • 21 chin ups
  • 32 Perfect push up Burpees
  • 43 Jumping Squats