Met Work

Solo Game getting some work done at noon.

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For time:

  • Run 1 mi (rest 2 min)
  • Run 1000 m (rest 1 min)
  • Run 400 m (rest 30 sec)
  • Sprint 100 m (post time)
  • 5 min rest
  • Row 3 x 500 m (Rest 3 min between efforts) post total times for combined score


Happy Birthday Dana! Dana has been training with dim fitness for the last 5 years and thought she did not have the level of intensity needed for Crossfit. The mindset of expectation training both programs have complimented each other well. Great determination and work ethic to go hard is what Dana brings to the gym every time she sets foot into the box. Happy Birthday Dana. BTW every member of 2120 was born in the month of July!












  • 1 to 10  Power snatch 35/65/115
  • 10 to 1  box jump burpee 24”/20”

Strength: BP 5 x 65% 5 x 75 5 x 85

Saturday Mop Up!

Happy Birthday Rescue! At 2120 we will be celebrating the life and times of guy that has made enormous gains in the last few months before turning the ripe old age of 26. A constant threat to win every wod at 2120 Rob brings it every time he comes to the box. He is actually laughing in this photo it is so easy.










Saturday Morning Mop up! Free wod for anyone who wants to come by and give Crossfit a    try.

Friday HH – 4

Happy Birthday Tommy! Keep up the attendance record and had some good pr’s fall this week also!













  • 12 kb thruster 35/26 (12 each side)
  • 12 ring dips
  • 400 m run

Strength: DL (5) x 65 x75 x 85

Bring a Friend on Friday night at 6pm for a workout and refreshments that follow.

Opening Day & Happy Birthday Squirrel!

Maria, having the belief in her coaching staff has allowed her to make positive gains though out her career at 2120.










Run like the ponies!

  • 10 Rds 6 pull ups / 12 push ups / 18 squats
  • 1000 m run
  • 5 rds 8 pull ups / 14 push ups / 20 squats
  • 1000 m run
  • 3 rds  10 pull ups / 16 push ups / 24 squats
  • 1000 m run

To my lovely wife Squirrel Miller Happy Birthday to you. Thank you for your support, honesty and belief in all of us at 2120.

Reminder: There will only be 6,7 and 8am workouts on Wednesday due to opening day at the Del Mar Track.