Who says you have to be young to enjoy the benefits of CV+FM@HI to get all you get from Crossfit. Candace would like a new knee for her birthday if you help her out. CPK may take a little longer to warm up but once she gets in the gym she will always get it done and never never cheat reps and will grit through it with everything she’s got. With a 125 DL and a solid press makes her a force on the bar when it comes to the oly’s. Happy Birthday Candace and keep up the good work.

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  • 5RFT
  • 8 DL 185/115 (natural grip only)
  • 12 pull ups
  • 50 m farmer carry 53/35
  • 16 med ball push ups

Strength: Press 3×75 3×85 3×95%