By | Sep 5, 2018

Yes, there it is wod # 1999. That means wod #2000 is Friday. Use Thursday’s workout to prepare for the CIA Seven / Glen wod as practice scheduled for next Tuesday and Wednesday. Get familiar with the movements and ask your coach how you can sharpen the blade to improve or modify.

Friday’s 2000 wod will be a high volume bodyweight affair. I will provide 3 different scale categories so don’t be intimidated show up and participate. It will be fun.

1999: Thursday
Glen // Cia Seven prep

Workout / Skill: 20 minutes – no measure
2 clean & jerks (or push press)
1 rope climb or RC modify
100 m jog
1 rope climb
2 burpees (2120 way)
2 HSPU (strict or kipping)
1 thruster
2 KTE (beat swing practice) s
1 DL
2 Kb swing (american, comp and russian style)
2 pull ups

Finisher: 10 minutes of ab work.

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