By | Aug 30, 2017

1691: Thrusday 8/31
WU: 13 minutes
8 db or kb push press
10 step walking lunge w/ or without wt.?
100 m run
A. bench press 3X15
B. 50 abmat sit ups
C. 3X1 minute plank hold (30 sec. rest)
D. b. squat 3X15
wod: 21 15 9
Mt. climbers
pull ups

Save the Date:
Friday 9/1 5:30PM class is moving to US CrossFit. No 5:30 class at 2120.
Join us as we close out the end of an era at this iconic box.
Labor day Monday 9/4 – 7,8am class times only.
9/8 Friday @ 5:00pm. Having another one for G BuB
Come on down for the wod, food and drinks. Kid Friendly.

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