2096: New 6 PM Class time M-Thursday.

By | Jan 2, 2019

2096: Thursday 1/3
Focus: We are going to put the deadlifts on the
back end of the workout today. The temps have been
very cold in the morning and many of our athletes are
getting back into a groove. Keep the doors closed for
all morning sessions to assure the body remains warm
through the hour.

Warm up: 4 minutes
10 squats
3 inch worms
6 reverse lunges w/ hands overhead

wod: on a running clock perform the following. All
athletes will run through the order together A-E.
Scale the loading to hit the target standard.

A. 5 minutes
10 db deadliifts (pair) touch floor
10 single arm curl to press (5 per side)
Target – 5 rounds CDM #40 db’s
rest 2 minutes
B. 5 minutes
10 db bent rows
10 db f. squats (pair)
Target – 5 rounds CDM #40 db’s
rest 2 minutes
C. 5 minutes
10 single arm db snatch (5 per side)
10 burpees
target – 3.5 rounds #40 db
rest 2 minutes
D. 5 minutes (start at blue wall for clear walkway
down and back)
10 db reverse lunges
20 m db overhead waiter walk. (walk steady not fast)
target – 4 rounds
rest 2 minutes
E. 2 minutes – 2,4,6,8,10 etc.
db thruster
defcit push up ( hands on db handles)
Target 8 full rounds (do not take your hands off db’s )

6 DL

Finisher: 4 minute stretch sess.

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