By | Apr 24, 2017

Hillary and Scarlett

Box Announcement

Some friends wanted to do a 30 day challenge. If you are interested it is simple to get in. Just write your name on the whiteboard and you’re in! The rules are simple:

– Duration: 30 days
– ZERO alcohol
– Post 20 training days at 2120.
– Get your diet right. Choose diet like Paleo or Sugar detox, etc.
– Weigh in at beginning and end of the challenge.

Pretty simple, don’t drink, workout more, eat better. You be the judge how you look and feel when it is all done.

1583: Tuesday 4/25
4×6 single leg kb RDL
4×12 dumbell rows
wod: 7 min AFAP no measure
1 wall walk
10 m bear crawl
6 burpees
break 4 minutes
Row 3K
Teams of 2
Partner 1 rowing
Partner 2 running 200m

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