1026: LIft Oly or Body Weight Met-Con?

By | Jul 27, 2015

WU: 5 rounds w/BB 3 DL, 3HPC, 3 Push press, 2-split jerk. 2 front squat

STRENGTH/SKILL: C&J practice- 25 minutes to find a 1rep. Please allow for a quick demo and sufficient training time for veteran athletes.

WOD: For precision. 10 min EMOM
• 1 C&J 60% of Max Effort. Or 2 reps @ 50% ME.

GA: Please show your coach you are proficient from the hang position before pulling from floor.

If you do not like or want to lift a barbell? Use our base camp body weight met-con wod and get in some work. This wod will feature movements like the squat, push ups, pull ups, DU and running.

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