0901: Welcome Patricia to the 2120 staff

By | Mar 1, 2015

All of us a CrossFit 2120 are please to announce Patricia Lee  is bringing her talents to CrossFit 2120. Patricia as D.O.O will play many roles within our gym. Not only will Patricia bring Dan up to speed in this 21st century but her ability to bring us closer together as a community by planning box parties and other events. In addition to the Admin role Patricia will also be coaching class times during the week. I am personally very excited to have Patricia help me but ultimately make our box better in many areas in which we can improve. See you on Monday. CDM 

Evo 1- 10 squats, 5 push ups X 10

Evo 2 – max effort DHPU (3) attempts. If you use band? Drop down a size.

Evo 3 – 10 buckaroo wall balls, 12 lateral over the med ball jumps. X 6 min.

STRENGTH: 2 heavy thruster 2 CTB x 5min

15.1 & 15.1a available all class times ending after the noon session.