0885: Topher Challenge Lives!!!!!

By | Feb 10, 2015

WOD: Topher Challenge. It is so hard to believe we lost you 20 years ago. Here is my attempt to represent you my friend. I am sure when you were a nose guard for cherry creek you were dead lifting over 500 with that big ass of yours. #80’s Strong.

Use same barbell for all exercises listed below if you scale. However you can go light to Heavy on any BB movement you choose. Notice the movement hierarchy will allow for the bar to grow. Recommendations for RX athletes: 135/255 DL men 95/165 DL female

For time: 35 minute cap

  • 26 S2O
  • 26 box jumps
  • 26 hang power cleans
  • 26 strict push ups
  • 26 power cleans
  • 26 strict pull ups GA: jumping pull ups 3 sec neg.
  • 26 b. squats
  • 26 burpees
  • 26 DL
  • 400 m run
  • 5 rope ascents