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WU: GET ATHLETES WARM!!!!!! Do not start this with a cold body.

WOD: Death by EMOM– add 1rep every minute on minute till detonation! If you fail at rd 7 or lower then run 1000 m immediately.

  • Thruster 95/65
  • LOTBB (1-fer)

STRENGTH: 8X2 DL @ 85%

GA: Scale thruster light /use standard burpee type. Running penalty does apply.

Note: This is not Burpster the task priority does differ. cdm

Please note: Holiday Schedule

December 22 and 23 regular schedule – Teen class 10am (kat) 

December 24 – 6, 8, 9am Teen class – 10am (kat) 

Dec. 25 – CLOSED (Christmas Day) 

Dec 26 6am 9am 12pm and 5pm 

Dec. 27 – 9am (Saturday) 

Dec. 28 CLOSED (Sunday) 

Dec. 29, 30 6am  9am 12pm 5pm 

Dec. 31 6am  9am 12pm 

Jan. 1 CLOSED (New Years Day) 

Jan. 2 6am 9am 12pm 5pm 

Jan 3. 9am (Saturday) 

Jan. 4 CLOSED 

Jan. 5 Standard schedule


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  1. Anonymous

    Whats up with 6pm on Dec 29 & 30? Some people have to work to be able to afford the amazing training offered by DFM.

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