By | Jun 3, 2014

Coach Tom’s final coaching class times: 5-6pm Wednesday night.
WU: Learn to DU!!!!!!! If you have been a member 3 months or more and do Not have a DU? C’mon on Man. Dedicate yourself tomorrow to learn. If not enjoy the SU’s forever.
• 25 DU/100 SU
• 200 m run
• 50 DU/200 SU
• 400 m run
• 75 DU/300 SU
• 800 m run
• 100 DU/400 SU
• 1000 m run
GA: SU is DU #. Run all distances.

2 thoughts on “0675:

  1. Surf Dog

    I love SU’s. I don’t know why you don’t give us more. We should warm up with 1,000 SU’s.

  2. Hook Grip

    Best of luck to coach Tom in his new endeavors. Will be missed.

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