0671: Farewell Tom & Tyler

By | May 29, 2014

Lets not forget to show up for the BBQ tonight at 5:30pm.Bring a side or not. Show up and have a beer with the boys before they get out of town. Tom, I know this wod will favor Tyler as it suits his running style. There will be a Wod next week in your area of Strength? Stay tuned.
0005:Welcome to Zapo Hill! Last: 3/30/12
WU: Set up bb, stage wt. ready go!
• Run Zapo hill
• 5rounds
• 6 db squat clean thruster 40/30 (starts db’s under kneecap)
• 15 V-ups
• 10 deficit push ups (HR)

GA:2 RFQ Run 800m, 5 rounds, 5 db SCT, 8 V-Up modify, 8 HRPU