0667: Memorial Day

By | May 25, 2014

0667: Murph 8 and 9am classes only.

Please take time on mile 1 to think of anyone close to you that has served in our Armed Forces. Be mindful of family, Murph or friends that have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Please don’t talk during this time. This is your time to honor those who have given so much to us. Hit the box running and deliver 20 rounds 5/10/15 and sound off on every nickel. Put out effort till the hand hits the blue wall finishing mile two. After all it is Memorial Day. Thank you to my Grandfather and Father. To Glen, All my boys at SealFit and all the Servicemen and Women in our 2120 community. CDM 

Note: If you are not ready for the Vest don’t wear the vest! GA: Run 1000 m then 10 rounds 3 or 4 pull-ups/ 6 push ups/10 squats  Run 1000 m

Also if your hands sweat- bring a towel and keep your hands dry. Don’t live at the chalk bucket and stay MT.