0594: 14.1

By | Feb 27, 2014

WU: 10m h. knees, 10m runners low. lunge, 10 inch worm, 10m tuck jumps, 10rep alt hamstring stretch
WOD: 14.1 10 min. Amrap
• 30 DU
• 15 power snatch 75/55
Our Games schedule through the Open:
• Friday = All class times
• Saturday make up 9:00am
• Monday make up 6,8,9am and 12pm
All scores must be posted on WB in box no later than 1pm PST Monday.
Reminder to all members: We will all do the workouts together on Friday.We can scale these workouts also. There will be different workouts posted Saturday and Monday each week during the Open. Good Luck Team 2120!!!! You are well trained. Deal with the discomfort and get after it. CDM